Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coke Claims 1979 Found Formula Not The Real Thing

From Denny: Coca-Cola claims their 125 year old recipe is still secret. Well, others beg to differ. A public radio show claims to have found the recipe formula for the famous soft drink. "The American Life" public radio show says that the secret formula was published in Coke's hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 1979.

In that article appeared a photo of pages from a notebook with a handwritten list of ingredients. The original closely guarded formula is supposedly locked away in the company vault and it too is handwritten on a piece of notebook paper. This photo lists such unusual ingredients such as oils of cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, lemon, neroli (a type of orange), lemon and orange along with sugar, lime juice, vanilla and caramel.

The show claiming this is the true formula says this document was a notebook originally owned by a friend of John Pemberton. Pemberton was the original pharmacist who created Coca-Cola back in 1886 when it had small amounts of real cocaine in it too. Coke claims they took cocaine out of the drink years ago but it sure makes you wonder by the way people seem addicted to it.

This notebook traveled through various hands over the years, eventually making its way to Georgia pharmacist Everett Beal, a friend of the original news writer who published the 1979 article. The show also claims that this notebook matches one by Pemberton in Coke's archives.

For now, Coke is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the authenticity of the formula. Over the decades, many third parties have tried to re-create the formula. They do admit, however, this formula by Pemberton could be a precursor to the current formula, just not the one that went to market. Well, if I made billions of dollars a year from one silly recipe I think I'd deny this formula too!

Photo by Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

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